State of the art LED truck with sound.Setup and ready in less than 15minutes.



Ziyaphenduka’s Mobile LED Truck is the ultimate mobile outdoor display, complete with full on-board sound and vision mixing facilities. Unlike that normal screen trailers offered by our competition, Ziyaphenduka’s Mobile LED Truck offers much more than just an outdoor screen – it offers a state of the art mini production facility.

The truck is a self-contained events product that can be driven in, set up and be ready for a show in under 15 minutes, at any accessible venue.This comes in especially handy if one considers the fact that most events have time constraints which make the erection of screen structures impossible, yet an outdoor daylight screen is necessary and required. 


The Interior

The Interior of the double cab Iveco onto which our P10mm screens are mounted has been converted into a studio facility. The studio has all the components needed to handle and display video graphics with full sound. For the screening of live broadcasts, a DSTV decoder has been incorporated.

The followng have also been incorporated: a DVD player for content playback, a multimedia Computer, a sound deck to control the truck’s PA as well as preview monitors along with a vision mixer for content manipulation.